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Thanks for the birthday greetings, everyone :'D A bit late but I care :rofl:
Sat Apr 12, 2014, 9:18 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A bit early but I don't care xD
Fri Feb 28, 2014, 9:51 AM
*sigh* I wish I could join canvas ranger. =/
Thu Sep 26, 2013, 4:48 PM
thank you very much, all of you :D
Mon Aug 26, 2013, 4:03 PM
You honestly have my vote for greatest deviantart page. Like seriously, it's the best. :)
Thu Jul 25, 2013, 2:27 PM



Also check out my awesome friends' commission too, if you are looking for a different style:

Tutorials and How-Tos

As a request from my friends and fellow artists, here are the tutorials I made. Hope you find them useful!
StepByStep My way of drawing by ErkazTutorial: Basic Magic Circle by ErkazTutorial: Basic Magic Circle #2 by Erkaz


Rina Atherina
Other OCs
Feel free to use these on your dA comments, you don't need to notify me ^o^
But any unauthorized use of these icons (such as editing, using these outside deviantART) are prohibited, you are instead encouraged to make a new one based on those icons above (and don't forget to put credit too), it's just that. Easy, isn't it?

The original plak icons :iconplak1plz::iconplak2plz: and this one :iconplaktsunplz: are made by me, but now there are many funny 'spinoffs' created by my friends :rofl:
:iconplaktrollplz::iconplak3plz::iconplak4plz::iconplak5plz::iconplak6plz::iconplak7plz::iconplak8plz: feel free to use it to slap some fun to your target :D

How do you spend most of your time on your computer? 

88 deviants said Not doing actual work.
14 deviants said Doing actual work.


Master and Apprentice - Imminent Clash by Erkaz
Master and Apprentice - Imminent Clash
"And they're coming for me too, huh?"
"I'm sorry for dragging you to this, Master"

Giant airship looming at the distance, several soldiers can be seen jumping and gliding towards them.
Cale, Dub, and Natasha, is now atop of a building, they are escaping from some soldiers chasing them.
The cause is simple, a misunderstanding.
Cale saved Natasha's life earlier,
The foolish and ignorant soldiers seems to think otherwise.
They're hunting Natasha for supposedly running away from her country.

"Remember the last time we meet, Master?"
" can stop calling me that"
"I can't, I owe you my life, if you hadn't come --- oh, and I'm now your apprentice"
"I didn't realize that my apprentice is a high ranking officer in this city"
"That is but a title, my experience and talent is nothing compared to yours, Master"
"Master Cale"
" are really something, are you? Now, the most important things are at hand, we must survive"
"Yeah, it's also my time to strike! I know with your power, you alone can do this, but hey, let me to return the favor!"
"Beter be ready then!"

And then Cale prepares to unsheath her sword.


My entry for this awesome contest FIRST TASTE DOUBLE-THEME ART CONTEST - $340 + Art
If you have not finished your entry: please turn in by November 12th! No further extensions. We need to be on time for the next issue of Designn Magazine. Panda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2] 
If you have your entry completed, please try to post it and send it in by tomorrow. Let :iconrootrotthefirst: know if you are going to use the week extension. Thank you!


As per request, we have extended another month. Winners of the contest will be notified at the beginning of December through note, interview

I suck at making stories, sorry :rofl:

Natasha is a totally new character created for this contest, I was going to include Rina, but... I think I better made one specifically for this.
The visual style was originally inspired from BioShock Infinite, but I fail hard to imitate :rofl:
For the soldiers... yeah, sorry for the cheesy design :rofl:

Cale and Dub (C) :iconfirst-taste-chief:
CR: Great War Last Stage Outbreak: A Holy Rhapsody by Erkaz
CR: Great War Last Stage Outbreak: A Holy Rhapsody
Nama : Rina Atherina
Kanvas : Kanvas kasar ....yeah
Kubu : Hero, Divisi 2
Lokasi : Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali (click for reference)

Is this a real life? or just a fantasy?
No matter, we are already caught in a landslide, and there's no escape from reality.
Now open your eyes, look up to the sky and see...

And then Rina unleashes her inner power, now that she can control it at her own will, rather than being engulfed by it.
Her wings are now pure white, dove wings.
Helping her friends is her mission!

:iconrvinguard: Algeo Elgitroix CR GW -Last Stage Outbreak- Divine Unison by Rvinguard
:iconerkaz: Rina Atherina  :<Deployed!>
:icondarkphoenixzx:  Fied White :< awaiting for deployment!>
CR: Great War stage 4 - Danger! by Erkaz
CR: Great War stage 4 - Danger!
Nama : Rina Atherina
Kanvas : Kanvas kasar ....yeah
Kubu : Hero, Divisi 2 (warning, sesepuh onboard #beardstroke)
Lokasi : Kantor Pos Kebon Rojo, Surabaya (click for reference)

Satu serangan berhasil mendarat di badan monster tinggi besar ini,
Dan bisa memperlambatnya,
Rina sudah mulai kehabisan tenaga, Psi Force nya sudah mulai surut,
Garis-garis cahaya di bajunya sudah mulai menghilang,
Tapi Rina tetap bertahan,
Sampai bantuan datang.
Stej 4 selese... Dinaaaa asik ya bisa bebas XD
Saya kudu ngebut pula lagi banyak commission, teknikali ini ngerjain cuma setengah hari jadi hasilnya beda kayak yang kemaren2... ndak papalah yang penting uda all out...
Algeo... tolongin Rina :rofl:

2VISION squadmates!
:iconrvinguard: Awaiting for Deployment!
:icondarkphoenixzx: <Mission completed>
:iconerkaz: Rina = Active here!

Previous stages:
CR: Great War stage 1 - Intro by ErkazCR: Great War stage 2 - Descent by ErkazCR: Great War stage 3 - Rampage! by Erkaz
CR: Great War stage 3 - Rampage! by Erkaz
CR: Great War stage 3 - Rampage!
Nama : Rina Atherina
Kanvas : Kanvas kasar ....yeah
Kubu : Hero, Divisi 2 (warning, sesepuh onboard #beardstroke)
Lokasi : Gerbang Institut Teknologi Bandung (click for reference)

Setelah mengatasi artblock merah yang misterius, mereka kembali ke kota,
Berniat menuju ke ITB untuk melakukan penelitian akan artblock ini (?)
Tapi sebegitu sampai disana, keadaan menjadi lebih parah daripada waktu mereka berada di Jawa Timur,
Kampus ITB sudah dikuasai oleh makhluk-makhluk aneh berwarna biru,
lalu mereka berpencar untuk meng-contain makhluk-mahkluk ini,
Dan mencari apakah masih ada orang yang selamat.
Salah satunya sangat gesit, dan menyerang Rina,
Rina yang merupakan petarung jarak jauh yang berkuasa di tempat-tempat yang tinggi,
Terpaksa harus turun dan mendekat!
Akhirnya selese juga, niat bikin BGnya malah akhirnya ketutupan wakaka
Now I will be off for a while, back to working commissions :iconoelplz:

2VISION squadmates!
:iconrvinguard: CR Great War -Stage 3- Maximum Volume by Rvinguard
:icondarkphoenixzx: CR Great War stage 3 by DarkphoenixZX
:iconerkaz: Rina = Active here!

Previous stages:
CR: Great War stage 1 - Intro by ErkazCR: Great War stage 2 - Descent by Erkaz

BIGWAR 2011:
CR WAR Stage 3: RAMPAGE by Erkaz
CR: Great War stage 2 - Descent by Erkaz
CR: Great War stage 2 - Descent
Nama : Rina Atherina
Kanvas : Kanvas kasar ....yeah
Kubu : Hero, Divisi 2 (warning, sesepuh onboard #beardstroke)
Lokasi : Jembatan Suramadu (click for reference)

Chapter 2:
Pelabuhan Sekupang sudah aman, Divisi 2 melanjutkan liburan lagi dengan naik kapal feri. Tapi tiba-tiba, cuma tinggal beberapa ratus meter dari jembatan Suramadu, kapal mereka diserang oleh satu sosok terbang yang misterius, mungkinkah itu artblok?

Entah benda apa itu, sudah diatasi oleh Rina, mereka akhirnya sampai di jembatan Suramadu.
Tapi ketika mereka mulai melintas, terlihat suatu keanehan, semua aktivitas di jembatan terhenti, tidak, bukan kemacetan, tetapi lebih ke - semua orang berubah, menjadi sosok berwarna merah - apa ini yang mereka sebut 'layer AlphaRed'?
Apakah ini ada kaitannya dengan monster yang tadi?
Rina mulai menginvestigasi jembatan itu yang kini diguyur oleh hujan deras dibawah langit berawan yang sangat gelap.
Entah baik atau buruk, sudah sangat jelas kalau ini adalah sebuah pertanda.

I: Susah buka dA belakangan ini, aplot2 jadi susah, ini aja yang ajaib tau2 bisa wkakaka mumpung bisa langsung aplot deh.
E: dA is being difficult to access lately, I can't even open the submission page (and stashes) but this one miraculously cool, so I upload this while this last.

2VISION squadmates!
:iconrvinguard: CR Great War -Stage 2- Cyberfunky Time by Rvinguard
:icondarkphoenixzx: CR Great War stage 2 by DarkphoenixZX
:iconerkaz: Rina = Active here!


Erkaz's Profile Picture
Just call me Erkaz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm Erkaz, a Manganime artist.
I am Indonesian.

I love drawing cute girls and action scenes, sometimes drawing little comic strips, mainly 4koma. Not only I enjoyed drawing, it's now my main source of income, too.

I hope you have good times in my gallery:iconcoolplz:
And if you feel like needing some characters drawn by me, please check out my commissions info below :heart:

Also check out my Pixiv profile!:…
My YouTube channel: (still just a few contents though):…

Follow me on Twitter @_Erkaz



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